Absolutely rapt with my new Predator!

Absolutely rapt with my new Predator! Took it to the West Coast for the first time on Saturday with a friend who has another brand of kontiki. His first set got flipped over by one of the large back waves and beached itself. We then collected it and tried another set. Unfortunately it also got flipped over by the large waves and beached. By then he had flat batteries so we thought we would try the Predator. To our surprise it went straight out and we were fishing! After pulling in a good haul we set it a second time. Same again, straight out. The Predator seemed to pierce through the waves compared to my friends kontiki which tried to go over them resulting in being dumped on its side. Thanks to the Predator we came home with 14 good snapper and gurnard.

Great design, guys!

Happy kontiki owner
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