Predator Safety

It is important to take precautions to prevent harm to yourself and others when using the Predator Kontiki.

Equipment Safety:

  • This equipment is not recommended for use by people under 16 years without adult supervision.
  • When setting up and testing equipment all care should be taken to ensure that children are at a safe distance.
  • Traces are sharp, so be careful when handling them.
  • Always carry a sharp knife to cut any traces that get caught.
  • When retrieving the line, keep fingers and children clear of the winch drum and be aware of knots, joins and hooks if you are manually guiding the line onto the drum.
  • The nylon line can burn or cut you if you grab it while it is feeding out or retrieving line from the drum
  • Keep fingers/hands clear of the Predator Kontiki’s propeller. If you are working around the propeller area, disconnect and remove the batteries from inside the kontiki.
  • Do not attempt to fast-charge, short out the terminals or overcharge the batteries.
  • This equipment should not be used by operators affected by any drug (including alcohol) which may impair judgment.

Beach Safety:

  • Launching of Predator equipment must not be made if humans or animals are in its proximity, whether in the water or likely to enter the water. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure a clear launch.
  • Where vehicles or horses may be using the beach, make sure that your operation is clearly visible and there is no danger to anyone colliding with your line.
  • Use the Predator Strobe Light if fishing at night or in low light.
  • Be aware of currents and rips that may sweep your line towards other beach users.
  • For the safety of your equipment, always operate your Predator Kontiki at least 500m from another Kontiki user.
  • Do not venture too deep into the water when launching your Predator Kontiki. Be aware of rising tides and rogue waves.
  • User is responsible to ensure conditions for launch of the Kontiki and use of Winch are suitable. Not recommended in storm conditions.

Environment Safety:

  • Obey all fishing regulations pertaining to fish size and catch limits. Visit for more information. Stop the winch to unhook your catch at the waters edge and return undersized fish or unwanted species alive.
  • Do not leave tangled line or rusty hooks on the beach