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Unique 2-second Auto Nav

We reckon about 2 seconds is long enough to wait before sending your fishing kontiki out to sea.

Other kontiki-type products can take more than 15 minutes to get a satellite fix. Ours has travelled over 1km out to sea in that time.
(Just sayin’...)

Learn more about our awesome AutoNav

You’ll love the Predator difference


Predator’s Unique Shark Design cuts through the waves; propellor continues to pull the kontiki out to sea


Some other kontiki-type products have the propensity to bounce over the top of the waves; the propellor is out of the water so forward movement is lost

The Proven Kontiki System

  • 2 Year Warranty, hand built in NZ
  • Powered by the leading saltwater white motor
  • Owned and loved by Graham Sinclair - his favourite kontiki system
Predator Kontiki - click to play movie
  • From just 7.5kg plus batteries
  • Predator outperforms all other kontikis
  • The most advanced fishing technology available

A Choice of Three Powerful Motors

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