Going Fishing With Your Predator Kontiki

First time fishing with your Predator Kontiki is easy once the equipment is familiar and introducing yourself to all parts of the kontiki and winch is recommended before starting.

Following are Predator’s simple instructions to help both first time and semi experienced users. This information will get you started in the safest way possible.

For your first couple of uses, do not venture out in big surf, set the Predator Kontiki speed to slow and keep the run time short, that way you can get comfortable with the way it works.


  • Find an area of beach without other Kontiki users, Fisherman or beach users nearby
  • The beach must be sandy with no reefs or rocks that may snag your line
  • Areas near river mouths may have logs that could snag your line
  • If you can see a rip heading out to sea, you can use it to help your Predator Kontiki get out faster. An offshore rip also suppresses the wave heights
  • Watch the water to see if there are any rips heading along the beach that may affect where your Predator Kontiki will end up
  • Look out for plastic bags, seaweed and other debris on the water’s surface that could foul the propeller.
  • If in doubt, look for another spot

Tip: Do not set your Predator Kontiki out in seas in excess of 5 metres that are breaking as far out as your Predator Kontiki’s maximum range.

Preparation for Use

Before transport to site, disconnect and remove batteries from Predator 44/54lb and charge as per charge and battery specifications. Note that the charger supplied by Fishtex is fitted with the correct connectors.

When charged, for safety reasons, the batteries must not be connected until user is in fishing location. Install light, if required.

Installing your Predator Strobe Light

First insert 1 x ‘D’ size battery (supplied) into light and insert light into round receptacle on top of Predator. Ensure secure in position. Test the strobe light by cupping your hands around the lens. The strobe will glow red before emitting a bright flash. Always use the strobe light if you are using your Predator Kontiki at night, or in low light.

Remember to remove the battery from the strobe light when you have finished fishing, as it automatically turns on when it gets dark and may start flashing unexpectedly. The strobe light will not work if the battery is upside down. For convenience, the battery can be inverted to disable the strobe light but it is not recommended for long-term storage.

For maintenance, the threads of the strobe cover should be cleaned and lubricated with a small amount of Vaseline or silicone grease. If it needs replacing, remove the strobe light from your Predator Kontiki by firmly pulling upwards.

Installing your Predator Flag

Push the flag into the hole in the top of the Predator Kontiki. Do not operate the Predator Kontiki without the flag. If you wish to permanently attach the flag, use good quality waterproof glue.

Connecting the Batteries

Connect terminal plugs to the batteries and the timer will start. IMPORTANT: Place batteries inside the hatch and turn batteries 90 degrees on their side and push forward. The LED lights will now flash up to the batteries charge levels. In other words, one LED indicates a low charge, the 4th or 5th LED indicates a good charge.

To Set Auto Nav

  1. At water’s edge: Point the Predator Kontiki in the direction you want it to travel. If there is a current flowing along the beach, adjust the heading to compensate.
  2. To set AUTO NAV direction: Push and HOLD switch forward to set time for 2 – 4 seconds until all LED lights have flashed up and down. The AUTO NAV is now set in the direction of travel.
  3. To set timer: The time automatically sets at 15 minutes. Click the switch FORWARD QUICKLY. Each click is for 5 minute intervals. When all LEDS are showing on, it is maximum range setting (Run until the batteries go flat).
  4. Start motor: Click the Switch back to start/stop.
  5. Test AUTO NAV: Move the predator side to side to check if the rudder at the front is working and going back to where it is set. If not, set it again as per instructions in Step 2. If motor will not go, you have not set the Auto Nav properly so you will have to start from Step 1 again.
  6. Launching: Carry the Predator Kontiki into thigh-deep water and launch. Launch at the desired direction and give the Predator a running start with a push, while not necessary, this will help the Predator Kontiki stabilize in the water. Check that it is heading out to sea in the right direction. When launching hold onto the line and keep tension on it.

Please download How to Set Auto Nav (PDF) if you have any trouble.

Predator Winch Tips

  • Do NOT leave Predator Winch in the water. Always have the winch suitably located above the tide as it is not waterproof and can cause corrosion. Watch out at all times for waves or incoming tides. The Predator Winch warranty does not cover water damage.
  • Always wash your Predator Winch and line down with clean fresh water by hand – NOT salt water
  • Make sure the battery plugs are well coated with Vaseline to prevent corrosion.
  • Do not use the Predator Winch to haul anything but your Predator Kontiki and it’s line
  • Do not drop the winch off the back of your vehicle
  • Do not use petroleum based lubricants to lubricate the moving winch parts


Once you have finished fishing for the day, look after your equipment by giving your Predator Kontiki and Predator Winch a thorough wash by hand in clean fresh water (never salt water)

  • Wash any sand and salt off the winch and line (do not spray high pressure water). Dry the Predator Kontiki and Winch before storing. Do not use soapy water to wash
  • Remove any old bait from the hooks and wash the Predator Traceboard and traces
  • Make sure the hooks are dry
  • Take out the Strobe ‘D’ battery to prevent it activating at night
  • Charge all the batteries
  • Release the lid screw to avoid over-compression of the rubber seal and then place in storage in a clean dry position out of sunlight.


  • Leaving the battery cover on for long periods will reduce the effectiveness of the seal. Replace the seal if it appears damaged or flattened.
  • Don’t leave the Predator Winch where sunlight shines onto the line. UV Light can weaken it.
  • DO NOT clean the inside of your Predator Kontiki with Methylated Spirits or other industrial thinners
  • DO NOT spray the inside of your Predator Kontiki with petroleum based lubricants e.g. CRC