Innovative Predator Kontiki

Predator Kontiki is a product innovation designed by Kevin Walton of Waltex Industries in 2004 when he was disappointed in the performance of an alternative product for long-line fishing with an electric kontiki. Kevin and his son Nigel then brought their ideas together to inspire the market-leading Predator.

Kontiki Engineering

The Predator Kontiki has been engineered since 2005 by Fishtex, a sister company of Waltex set up to manufacture and distribute the innovative long line torpedo. Initially they offered a 30lb motor thrust, then 44lb and 54lb Predator options were added in 2009 in response to a demand for more powerful motors.  We think you’ll find Fishtex is the best fishing kontiki company.

2010 saw the development of the striking shark body design by the design team at Predator Kontiki. The auto navigation system (Auto Nav) was created and added to the unit in 2013, giving it a clear and clever advantage by enabling it to maintain a true course out to sea.

The Predator’s unique design, natural shape and tail fin are designed to sit low in the water and dive through and even under heavy breaking surf. The Predator is incredibly easy to use and it’s also light, weighing from only 25kg including batteries.

Fishtex is dedicated to delivering the highest quality product and that’s backed up by superior service and the Predator carries a two-year product warranty.

Assembled in Ashhurst, just outside Palmerston North, the Predator is put through rigorous testing before it’s dispatched, ensuring each valued customer gets maximum quality and value.

The Predator is in all respects a kiwi original, designed and made in New Zealand and available at leading retailers. With hundreds of satisfied customers and growing worldwide demand, the Predator is set to sail even further in the future.

Other Waltex products

Kevin Walton has always had a gift for quality design and engineering. His smart agricultural products (Waltex brand tough storage boxes) are in demand around the world.

Company History


The perfect Auto Navigation system is born. Having been unimpressed by kontikis with GPS-driven alternatives, the design team at Predator Kontiki built their own system using a smart e-compass and servo-powered rudder. The Predator Auto Nav system now sends the kontiki straight out to sea in minimal time, correcting its direction many times a second if required.


Improved shark shape! The newly re-styled Predator 44 and 54 models use the chunkier, more attractive shark shape, leading to a heightened profile on the beach – you’re even more likely to draw a crowd now…


Product line-up extended to include three thrust options. With demand strong for the most powerful motors, Fishtex added first a 44lb then 54lb thrust motor option to take the range up to 3 models:

  • Predator 30 – family-friendly model, light weight and economical
  • Predator 44 – tough powerful model, our most popular
  • Predator 54 – builds on the 44 strength but with an additional 10lb of power to get through even the roughest NZ conditions


After further product development, Fishtex is set up to manufacture and distribute Predator Kontiki throughout New Zealand and overseas. The Predator is (and remains, in 2014) the only kontiki product on the market that can cut easily through waves and head straight out to sea, due to its sleek shark shape. (All other models bounce over waves and hence get knocked off-course.)


Kev Walton, owner of Waltex Ltd, designs the first Predator Kontiki after using the most popular alternative and finding its performance dreadful.