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Here at Fishtex we have seen the Predator Kontiki develop in our own workshop and we have used them for work and play for more than a year. We know how good it is to spend a day with a Predator Kontiki - it's like taking a mate fishing with you.

But it seems we aren't the only guys who like our Predator Kontiki - this page contains some of the messages people like you have sent to us.

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This beauty was 19.4lb. On the same day we caught and released alive thirteen Red Cod & a barracuda. The Auto Nav 2 second "Point-and-Go'' is awesome! Cheers!

“I have fished with several different makes of kontikis over the past fourteen years and while they are all creditable and have their own 'special points' in my opinion the Predator is right up there with the best of them. The team at Predator take a personal interest in each product they sell and their back up service and knowledge of the product is great. Along with the predator's performance this means my wife and I are very happy with our purchase!”
“From one night set I got 3 snapper, 5 red cod, 7 sharks, one was approx. 4 1/2 foot in length... all the fish apart from the snapper and cod went straight back into the water in good condition. Given the size of the snapper and the sharks, the winch didn't flinch at all, the variable speed was very helpful, very impressed with the predator set up.”
“We (3 families) bought our predator pre Xmas and the maiden voyage on new years eve yielded this beauty! Just as well as we had been talking it up pre launch! Long lining off the beach has been a great family activity- everyone can get involved and enjoy the fruits.”
“We made the decision to give up the surf rods and purchase a predator. We launched it for the first time on Boxing Day morning at Spencerville Beach in Christchurch and landed 5 elephant fish. This is the best investment ever. ”
“It's the most amazing machine that's made us get out and make time to have fun with our grand-kids as well as a family thing to do with all our girls and friends who just love the excitement of the catch coming inshore!”
“Sent one of these out today, maiden voyage, we'd never used a kontiki before so we were greenhorns. Had 3 surf casters out catching nothing. Sent out the predator, brought home a feed every time, did 3 sets, first set was 10 minutes, I was impressed how far it went couldn't even see it, so we halved it to 5 minutes next set, I was still impressed. Definitely worth their weight in gold.”
“My wife and I have been kontiki fishing for about six years now. The Predator is so easy to operate, it glides through the water. Not had a bad set yet.”
“Another great catch at Uretiti Beach, 34kms South of Whangarei. The trusty Kontiki returns a great catch of fresh snapper, enough to feed our family as well as and the elderly neighbours! Our son aged 5 and daughter aged 7 love the excitement of seeing the line come back in!”
“Went out for the first time. Hadn't used one before. Went out for ten minutes and pulled in 17 snapper. Easiest fish we had ever done.”
“Awesome fishing machine, sent it out second time caught 15kg kingfisher as seen on the gallery photos, second time 8 snapper and 1 gurnard, 3rd time 14 snapper, around 40 pounds worth, really pleased thanks”
“15kg Kingfish, Who's bigger the kingi or the predator?”
“I believe in the product so much, we have already had a snappa over twenty pound on her this winter and looking forward to a few more by the looks of the season.”
“Absolutely rapt with my new Predator! Took it to the West Coast for the first time on Saturday with a friend who has another brand of kontiki. His first set got flipped over by one of the large back waves and beached itself. We then collected it and tried another set. Unfortunately it also got flipped over by the large waves and beached. By then he had flat batteries so we thought we would try the Predator. To our surprise it went straight out and we were fishing! After pulling in a good haul we set it a second time. Same again, straight out. The Predator seemed to pierce through the waves compared to my friends kontiki which tried to go over them resulting in being dumped on its side. Thanks to the Predator we came home with 14 good snapper and gurnard.

Great design, guys!”
“Took the Kontiki out to Kapiti Coast where we put it out in two rounds and caught 8 beautiful fish”
“We mainly fish at Foxton Beach where at times you can get tricky currents. I have watched other kontikis and the amount of times they have gone crooked. Not the Predator!”


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