This page explains how to set up the Predator Kontiki Auto Nav system and how it works. On the beach this whole process takes exactly 2 seconds. It may take you longer to read this page...

Set Up

  1. On the beach, point the Predator Kontiki in the direction you want it to travel.
  2. Push the control lever forwards until the 5 super-bright LEDs do the fast ripple effect.
  3. Set the timer and you're good to go.


How it Works

When you hold the control lever forwards, the current reading of the electronic compass is stored by the kontiki software on-board. When the propellor is running, the software adjusts the direction of the rudder with a servo motor, maintaining the correct direction.


  • John points his Predator Kontiki due north (0°) to fish off his favourite beach. He sets the Auto Nav by holding the control lever forwards until the LEDs do the ripple.
  • Once out at sea, the current nudges the kontiki to a bearing of 5°, so it's mainly North but heading slightly East. The on-board software shifts the rudder left a little, until the kontiki is pointing 0° again.

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