Predator Kontiki Point & Go

The Predator Kontiki Auto-Navigation system offers a unique ‘Point & Go’ setup. On the beach this whole process takes exactly 2 seconds. It may take you longer to read this page!

Kontiki Set Up

  1. On the beach, point the Predator Kontiki in the direction you want it to travel.
  2. Push the control lever forwards until the 5 super-bright LEDs do the fast ripple effect.
  3. Set the timer and you’re good to go.

Other Predator Auto Nav features:

  • Super Steer option offers a large adjustable manual rudder to keep the predator on course and beat the big side currents
  • Solid fins for complete stability
  • Natural keel for direction and control
  • 3km long line for better reach
  • Propeller guard for safety in shallow water
  • Free sturdy accessory carry case
  • 3 x 12V 9.0Ah batteries
  • Battery charger
  • 5-10-15-20-25-minute timer or set to run until the battery is at cut-out level