Can I preview a Predator before I purchase?

Yes – some stores around the country have floor models available to preview before purchasing. Give one of our Dealer‘s a call today.

Should I put my contact details on the Predator?

Yes, we recommend that after purchasing your Predator Kontiki and Winch it is a good idea to clearly mark your name including surname and a phone number. Writing or engraving your name on your Predator will help you recover parts accidentally left behind on the beach or stolen.

Where should I engrave/write on it?

We recommend that you put it somewhere obvious so other beach goers can easily identify your name.

Does Fishtex suggest getting Insurance on my Predator Kontiki and Winch?

Yes definitely. We fully recommend insuring and registering your Predator Kontiki and Winch as soon as you purchase it. Anything can happen and it will save the heartbreak of it ever getting lost or stolen.

Do I have to Register it?

We have had many customers contact us about their Predator getting stolen or lost at sea so we fully encourage every Predator owner to register their goods on our Register your Kontiki page. This is so if you can’t remember your serial numbers or lost your paperwork we can search for your name and bring up your details for insurance purposes. Failure to do so, can also mean if your Predator is stolen it is harder to track your serial numbers for police records. Even if you have won your Predator from competitions please ensure you have still registered.

Where do I find my serial numbers on the Predator Kontiki and Winch?

Please click on the following link which will show you exactly where they are located. Location of Serial Numbers PDF.

Do Fishtex do Demo’s?

Yes every now and again we team up with stores or by ourselves and do demo’s around the country. Please see our demo dates and times on our Demos Page.

I haven’t used my Predator Kontiki for a while. What should I do?

If you have left your Predator Kontiki unused in storage for some time, give it a thorough inspection before heading off to the beach. Use the following checklist.

  1. Check the hatch seal for dirt, damage or distortion. Replace if in doubt.
  2. Make sure all the batteries are charged and in good condition.
  3. Install the batteries and check that the motor and rudder both work.
  4. Check the winch feeds out line smoothly and that it winches in again.
  5. Inspect the main line for wear, damage or deterioration. If in doubt, replace the main line.
  6. For peace of mind, we recommend replacing the main line every 2 to 3 years.
  7. Inspect your traces and hooks for any damage or rust.

Where do I go to get my Predator Kontiki or Winch repaired?

Please take your Kontiki or Winch into the same dealer that you purchased it from. If you are unable to do this, please contact us on 0800 925 839 to find the closest dealer. All goods will then be sent to the Predator Workshop located in Ashhurst to be serviced and tested.