Predator Kontiki Motorised Winch

Registered Design #411447 © Fishtex 2009

  • Compact size: just 45L × 43W × 36H cm
  • 35% more compact, yet more powerful
  • One person operation
  • Looks smart, with best performance
  • Unique adjustable drag knob alters the speed of the drum. Turn the drag knob if you need more or less drag: this will stop line over-runs when launching your Kontiki. Also can be used for slowing line speed when putting traces on the line.
  • Variable speed used when fish hit the beach. Slowing down the line but keeping pressure on the fish means they will not get off
  • Low maintenance - requires no lubrication
  • Auto cut-out fuse. If over loaded the winch stops. Press power switch to restart. - no screwdriver required
  • Totally variable speed winch 0-100rpm
  • Sealed electrical unit including controls
  • Marine grade stainless steel
  • Sand anchor bar to stop winch from moving when hauling
  • Safety handle (for manual winding) if you leave batteries at home
  • Tray on top can be used for cutting bait, storage
  • Complete with 150m leader line to guide the Predator through the breaking surf, 150m stopper line with 75 stoppers for clipping weights and traces, 1,700m main line all at 290-300lb. Total line length 2,000m approx.
  • 150W 12V motor pulls up to 60kg
  • Two 12V batteries 9 Amp/hour
  • Charger optional

Predator Kontiki Electric Winch Pricing

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